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Centre of Excellence

Christ The King is a centre of excellence in achieving the quality desired

Citadel of Knowledge

Ckis is a citadel of knowledge where modern facilities are used for learning

Developing A Total Child

At Christ The King International School, we developed the total Child. Academically, Spirtiually, and a Balanced Student.

Academic Excellence is our main focus, We Work to Achieve this by all means.

This is achievable becuase of the learning support we render to all our students


We are available to answer your salient questions
LSP  is a learning support programme we render to weak students who are not able to meeet up with our cut off grade of 60% 

Creative and DynamicAdaptive and FlexibleEver-ready to serve you.

Open Day is a day we set aside where our parents come and chjeck the performance of their wards. It is time to relate with teachers and students.

Our weekly co-curricular activities of every Wednesday includes Clubs, Sports and Fellowship.

Some of our  clubs include- Literally & debating, Jets, Maths, Home Maker, Chess, ICT, Music and much more!

EXCURSION: We embark on every termly excursion both within the state and outside the state. Some of our excursion trips are to industries, companies, and parasatals. We have been to Kainji Dam, Idanre Hills, Ikogosi Water Spring and much more! 

Creative and DynamicAdaptive and FlexibleEver-ready to serve you.

The School is open to all kinds of competitons within and outside the state. Our school is one of the best schools in lagos for Spelling Bee, ICT, and Essay writing competition. We have won laurels in both local and state competition. We participate in Cowbell Maths Competiton, MTN, PZ competition for chemistry students and much more!

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