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Information Booklet

A terminal information booklet showing details of activities for the term.


To be the school all other schools in Nigeria will use as a Benchmark of Academic and Moral Excellence in National/International Education and ultimately produce the Leaders of Tomorrow.


Our mission is to deliver a qualitative education of world class standard.  We are committed to the
development of the total child as we prepare them for a life of service and fulfillment.

 Commitment to world class education.  Commitment to development of the total child.Integrity, ethic and high spiritual/moral standard. Stewardship and Culture of caring.

  •      Merit
  •      Service to the Community
  •      Team work.

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The objective of the school is to develop the ‘whole’ – that is, the total personality of the

student.  By this, we mean that the students will be helped to develop; physically,

emotionally, spiritually and in many other basic skills.


This will be through the supervised work of trained, experienced and dedicated teachers

who combine the use of modern teaching methodology with modern electronic teaching aids. 

The school operates a workable International Curriculum into which the National Curriculum has been integrated.  This, among other things is to cater for students who are from other countries; to prepare our students to further their education in schools in Nigeria and other countries and above all make them better and able to adapt to life in other countries.


The products of our school should be able to compete favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world; they should be capable of solving problems and facing the challenges of the future.  The students are to be futuristic in their learning, always aiming to pursue learning as they grow, just as the world embraces learning, research and development so as to make the world a better place to live in.  Our students should be champions in this regard, since our standard sets standards.

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The Rules And Regulations

The school encourages positive behaviuor but frowns at vandalization of school’s property, bullying and insubordination.  Other offences and their sanctions are contained in the student’s handbook of school rules and regulations.                              

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Our Location

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